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About us

About us

What is Not Gelato?

Not Gelato was founded in 2020 by Francesca and Beatrice. Born and raised in Milan, they both moved to London in 2015 following different career paths in the design and culinary industry. They started Not Gelato in a quest to create a tasty, healthy and perfectly sized snack they had been missing from the shelves. And thanks to their Italian roots, and an unparalleled pleasure for ice cream, that snack became exactly that - Chocolate covered ice cream bites. All Not Gelato ice cream bites are handcrafted right here in London, England. All products are free from refined sugars, sweeteners, artificial ingredients, gluten and dairy. You can take a look at the ingredients list on the label and you can soon realise you recognise all of the items (not easy these days!). The bites are the perfect snack, dessert or healthy treat for the whole family!

Do you have a shop on site that we can visit?

Unfortunately, we don't have a shop on site, at the moment but you can order all our Not Gelato ice cream bites directly from our webshop!

Where can I find your products?

You can order our Not Gelato pouches directly from our e-commerce. Your order will be handcrafted in London and packed and shipped to you by us. Delivery times vary, please refer to our delivery information section above.

Do you offer samples?

As a small independent company, we are unable to offer samples at the moment, except for media review or potential stockists. If you would like to become a stockist, contact us at

Do you have a minimum order?

Minimum order quantity is currently 2 pouches per order.

What should I do if part of my order is missing or damaged?

Please take a photo of your delivery or the damaged pouches/products, and send it to Our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible!

I haven't received an order confirmation.

Sometimes confirmation emails are filtered out and end up in your junk mail. Please check for it there. If you can't find it, contact and we will help you!

Is your eCommerce website secure?

Yes! The security of our customers is extremely important to us and for that reason we are using Wix Payments for our webshop. Wix Payments complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). You can read more about our provider here.



Where do you deliver?

We want everyone to be able to enjoy Not Gelato. However, we currently deliver to West, North West, South West and Central London. Please visit our Delivery Range page to read more about all the areas we cover.

For deliveries to other areas, please contact us at and we’ll try to accommodate you!

What is the delivery fee?

Depending on your shipping address, our delivery fee can go from £2.90 to £5. For bulk orders please email us at

What if I’m not in when the package is delivered?

We always email you to let you know your delivery slot. You don’t have to do anything if you think you’ll be home at that time. If you won’t be home, please email us at , or DM us on Instagram at @notgelatolondon (we reply immediately!), to let us know and we’ll arrange a new delivery time for you.

Product information

Product information

What sort of products do you offer?

We produce delicious plant-based chocolate covered ice cream bites! The Not Gelato bites are handcrafted artisan bites made with fresh whole fruits, and are covered with a layer of premium organic dark chocolate. All products are vegan friendly and free from refined sugar, sweeteners, gluten and dairy. Each bite is enough as a snack, dessert or lovely treat. We currently offer four different flavours, stay tuned for some additional ones!

How should I store and eat your products?

Keep your Not Gelato pouches in your freezer, recommended temperature -18°c. Before enjoying the bites, leave them out for about 2-3 minutes to allow the filling to become creamy and delicious!

Why should I wait 3 minutes after taking the bites out of the freezer before eating?

Allowing the ice cream bites a few minutes out of the freezer makes them creamier, and the taste of each bite enhances. It's worth the (short) wait!

Are all your products suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

We only use vegan friendly ingredients to make the ice cream bites. All products are 100% plant-based, gluten and dairy free, contain no refined sugars or artificial ingredients. The organic premium chocolate is suitable for vegans but may contain traces of milk, soya, nuts and peanuts.

Are all your ingredients organic?

Our chocolate, coconut oil and cacao powder are organic.

Do your products contain soya?

The chocolate may contain traces of milk, soya, nuts and peanuts.

Do your products contain nuts?

Our Choconut flavoured bites contain hazelnut butter, which we personally make with organic whole hazelnuts and nothing else. The chocolate may contain traces of milk, soya, nuts and peanuts.

Do you use any artificial ingredients or additives?

All our products are free from artificial ingredients and additives!

Are all your products gluten and dairy free?

The ice cream is gluten and dairy free. The chocolate may contain traces of milk, soya, nuts and peanuts.

How long can I keep my Not Gelato for?

If stored correctly in the freezer, you can keep your Not Gelato for up to 6 months.

What does your chocolate contain?

Organic dark chocolate (Organic cocoa mass, organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa butter). It may contain traces of milk, soya, nuts and peanuts.

Do your products use refined sugar?

All our products are free from refined sugars and sweeteners!

Where do your ingredients come from?

Origin of chocolate:, from Dominican Republic Cocoa Beans
Origin of organic cacao powder:, non-EU
Origin of organic coconut oil:, Sri Lanka
Origin of whole hazelnuts:, Turkey
Origin of bananas and mango chunks:, Central and Sud America
Origin of raspberries:, United Kingdom

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our current temporary packaging is made out of eco paper stickers from and craft paper aluminium stand-up pouches. We are currently working hard to soon package our products with 100% recyclable plastic so stay tuned to find out more about our journey towards sustainability!

We are doing our best to best answer all your questions on our website. Please email us at if you have any additional question we haven't answered already!

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